Hey you! In a brief description, I’m a brazilian nerd who likes computers :-). For a longer description, continue reading.

I’m a Computer Scientist graduated at University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in Brazil. My undergraduation has finished in December/2008, and now I’m studying to join the mastership program of the university. My personal interests are computers (of course), food (including wine, which is one of my passions!), studying almost anything, and writing. Inside the main area of computers, my interests are software development, knowing and studying languages, artificial intelligence and operating systems (theory and practice). By the way, this last one will probably be my mastership theme.

I’m also a GNU/Linux user since 1999 and used lots of distributions since then, including Conectiva Linux (which later, along with Mandrake Linux, would be the Mandriva Linux), Slackware Linux, Debian (a little), Mandrake, Red Hat, Fedora, and now Gentoo Linux. Ohh, and before you ask, I do not use Windows anymore ;-) (and no, and don’t miss it!).

I am a debugger engineer on Red Hat. Basically, I work with GDB (the GNU Debugger) and tools related to toolchain. That means I get paid to have fun :-).

I’m current living in Campinas, a city near São Paulo, in Brazil, but I’m not natural from here. The city where I was born is called São José do Rio Preto, also in São Paulo state.


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